lunes, 28 de abril de 2008


Bullying is a general problem in schools nowadays. Many students from secondary schools have been bullied in the playground. Others were bothered by bullies in the classrooms, corridors or toilets, and many others were attacked outside school.
But, why do children want to hurt other children?
Why do they feel stronger or more powerful than the rest of students?
How can teachers and parents stop them?
How can you stop someone who is bothering you?

CLICK HERE to know more about bullying and find answers to the questions above.

There is also another way of bullying through the web:CYBER-BULLYING. It consists of using the web and the new technologies to create a space (blog, forum, etc...) where people can hurt somebody and ridicule him. They can say bad things about a person and the victim can´t defend himself from this attack. If you want to know more about cyber-bullying, click here.

First watch this video to practise English and answer the questions you´ll find below the video.
Second, WRITE A COMPOSITION ON BULLYING. To write about it answer these questions:
- Is bullying a problem at your school?
- Have you ever been bothered by bullies?
- Have you found a way to stop them in their tracks?
- Do you know a case of cyber-bullying?
- Can you find any solutions to this problem?