miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2007


This is a web task. Now you have to look for information and answer some questions about the Irish Band THE CORRS using some links. You only have to go to this page and have fun!

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Anónimo dijo...

rosario, I´m pablo espina,i´m writing only for talk about your blogger.I think the bogger is very...what do I say?..."Pimkie"jajajajaj.It´s a joke!!!my family want" send me" to england,ee.uu, or canada in summer.It´s a "interchanger" another boys from this nationalities.I´m not very sure,because. my english isn´t very well,and I believe...I´ll be very "hunger".we can talk to its if you want, of course.bye

rosario dijo...

hello Pablo, your English is very good and I´m sure you won´t be hungry at all. I think it´s great you can go abroad(al extranjero). Now I´m preparing some useful sentences to "survive" when you travel abroad. Have a look at them.Bye and thanks for your comment