sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007


Do you know what EASTER EGGS are?
Do you know Easter Bunny?
In Britain people celebrate the Holy Week in a different way. They celebrate Palm Sunday (domingo de ramos), Good Friday (viernes santo) and, especially children, Easter Sunday (domingo de Resurrección).
Today on Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. He has also hidden the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. Children hunt for the eggs all around the house. Neighborhoods and organizations hold Easter egg hunts, and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize.

And what about Spanish Holy Week?
As you all know the Holy Week is especially important and relevant in the south of Spain. We live it in a different way and it´s difficult to explain it in a few words. If you want to feel something of the emotion of whatching a cofradía in the streets of our Andalusia, have a look at this video of EL CACHORRO in Sevilla.

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It´s very good because here we see the diferents thinks that have in Britain. Aunque no me he enterao de muxo a estao mu bien.